Life After School

Finding a work after graduate school.

What do you believe? Work or go to school. Gone are the days where you work at a company for 25 or more years and retire with a pension ( with the exception of a few private sector position and many federal jobs.

How does school help in the current job market where is seems more important to be young and will to work yourself half to death for little compensation.

During my time at graduate school I have sat in on employment information sessions given by various companies and the common thread is that they expect new hires to work 60 or more hours per week while getting compensation that is not reflective of the investment made for an undergraduate or graduate degree.

I had an associate’s degree and made more money that the prospective positions that are available to me now with a master’s degree.

Sometimes school is not the answer. The hard part is figuring out what is right for you. Our society is so concentrated on the average that it forgets or neglect the individual.


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