Full Disclosure

What ever happened to full disclosure? Did we ever have it? I cannot count the number of times something has been explained or advertised but it ends up not being the whole story.

The latest instance is this new website building platform. I chose WordPress.com after being advised that is was a better option than Wix.com. But the user friendliness of WordPress is seriously lacking.

The first day was much better than it is now. When I first logged on to edit the website there was a live chat icon off to the side. And I used it three separate times to get through obstacles that came up with building the website over the four hours or so that I was working on it. Now it is gone MIA. There is no phone number for help and lets just say support via email is less than optimum.

It is funny how things turn out…not funny ha ha in this case. It is unfortunate that we get sucked into using something-a product or service-that ends up falling short of our expectations.


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