Get Out of the Way.

Certainly we-those who aspire to greatness-have heard the phrase “you are your worst enemy.” As you probably know this means that we sabotage ourselves in some way. This sabotage is usually on a subconscious level and we may not even be aware of it’s occurrence.  But if you are aware of the things you do that get in your way share what they are and if you have found a way to overcome them, the method you use to do so. I believe part of this disconnect starts very early in life; when we start to be socialized.

We are taught by our parents and the people that are close to us what we are capable of doing. Remember that this is not necessarily the truth but it does create a very real obstacle to our success even if that obstacle is intangible like a belief. Obviously, in a perfect world we would teach our children that they can aspire to be many different things. (Note that this is with hard work, study, and gaining other skills sets that are necessary to that end.) But we do not live in a perfect world. What we do as adults is a lot trickier.

First, we have to identify and take responsibility for getting in our own way. Probably look at the reason we are doing it. Then figure out a way to change that behavior; NOT an easy task. Think about it, our belief system was  instilled at a young age and it has evolved over many years or even decades. But we can still work on getting what we want out of life.

What do you do get out of your own and achieve the success that you desire?


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