Talking to Inanimate Objects in Public

Imagine my surprise when I got out of my car yesterday to get trash bags from the Family Dollar store and thought for a brief moment I was going to get into an altercation—mind you, this store is not in the best of neighborhoods. I was OK with that because this was to be a quick stop.

Well, my car it’s old it doesn’t work as well as it used to. One of the things that doesn’t work so well anymore is the locking mechanism on the car door; meaning, I push the button to unlock the door and the door will not unlock. As a result, I curse at the door and then hit it (in a strategic spot to get the latch to release). Sometimes I forget that I have to watch what I say at certain times because people might think that I am talking to them (or about them).

When I shouted “You suck!” at my car door. A woman nearby in the parking lot shot me an oddball look. Funny thing is that she looked a little oddball herself; in her skin tight dress over her nice pregnant belly and her coif was not so much a coif but a black satin sleeping cap on her head (think fabric shower cap).

Luckily everything was fine when she realized I was yelling at my car door and not saying that she sucked.

Phew! Impressions can be dangerous and how we act may be misinterpreted. So be sure to consider what you are putting out there.


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