Job Search Series Post #2: Morality vs. a Job

While looking at the want ads posted on I came across a production assistant ad. I thought this might a peripheral complementary position to producing Ried Rants. In the ad it instructed interested applicants to look at that “sizzle reel.” Well me being the conscientious and thorough person that I am I started watching the reel. This was a highlight reel and as such it had a little bite of a lot of things. Then the images appeared, beautiful majestic animals—deer pheasant and moose—being shot by camouflage adorned hunters. There were close ups of the hunters aiming their rifles at the animals. There was also video of the animals going down as a result of being hit. The reel showed the kill shots in slow motion. It was excruciating to watch. And, it cannot be unseen. I am quite sensitive to being subjected to this type of “sport” because I find it offensive.

The question here is would you consider negating your belief system for a steady paycheck? Have you done it? If so, how did it work out for you?

I believe we need to have a belief system to ground us. Your ideology will change over time and space. And the more you expose yourself to people who think differently than you will increase that change; as will you propensity for learning. So before you adopt a standpoint or belief look at other points of view and see if it holds up to critical examination.  \

I understand that some folks enjoy killing as a sport and I challenge them to look at why they do it and if it is for survival or some archaic way of showing “manliness”?


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