Toilet Paper

This an odd and touching subject I know. But let’s go there anyway, shall we?  I have noticed in my lifetime that there are two ways to mount the paper on the holder.  There is a right way and the wrong way.  You may be thinking to yourself, there is no right way to have your roll of toilet paper on the holder.  In fact, there are several articles on the subject. Furthermore, there is a patent from 1891 that shows the toilet paper roll going over the top of the roll. The best way to mount the toilet paper is to have the paper coming over the top of the roll.  It just works better.  When it is set with the paper coming out the bottom the roll doesn’t work right.  You can’t break it off without wasting a whole bunch of it when it gets all over the floor. Plus some articles mention that it is easier for pets to cause havoc with the roll when it is mounted feeding from the bottom.

You might have noticed–or even bought these “double” or “triple” rolls. That opens up the risk of not even being able to get the roll on the holder.  Now I know some of you out there may be thinking to yourself, “big deal, my husband, boyfriend, son, roommate never put it on the holder.  That’s another story all together that would require several pages of ranting.  Those BIG rolls will offer you the “special holder” and even have a disclaimer on the package stating that it may not fit on your holder at home.  But it does not matter how big the roll is if you are like me and pee five times for every glass of water you drink. It doesn’t matter if the roll was as big as a pumpkin, it would be gone in a few days.



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