Another National Day Blog Post

While perusing the news stories in my notifications on my phone I found a riveting (she wrote sarcastically) story on why donut boxes are pink. It reminded me of the team debate project I did for my undergrad public speaking class.

In this project we were to debate for or against the ban on sodas servings over 16 ounces. If you are not familiar Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a rule to cap soda sizes to 16 ounces. My team argued against the ban. Part of our argument was that a single donut has about the same amount of calories as a 16 oz. Coke.

Well National Donut Day is tomorrow so I thought it might be appropriate to write about donuts. I still don’t really know why donut boxes are pink (In my neck of the woods they are pink and orange or with green polka dots). In fact the story was too drawn out for me to keep reading it.

But I did find out that making donuts is a little bit of a science. The ingredients are quite specific and a deviation from them can ruin the donut that results. Some people are so accustom to the pink box they will not buy donuts in a box of another color. Not to mention, the pink box has a Pavlov’s dogs type of effect for some; making the empty calories irresistible to them.

When I did the research for my team debate I used to think a calorie is a calorie. But it is not. Your body will process a donut (or 20 oz. Coke) differently than it will process 200 calories of nuts, or fruit or any other food that is not processed. This makes difference in how we feel and how our bodies support us in our daily lives. So if you feel crappy after you have that donut. Or your throat gets a little phlegmy, it might be due to the donut you are having.

It might be better for you to celebrate a more innocuous “National Day” that falls on June 2 such as: National Nail Polish Day | National Go Barefoot Day | National Olive Day | Day |National Heimlich Maneuver Day (although I hope you won’t have the need for to “celebrate” this one) | National Pen Pal Day | National Say Something Nice Day.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great day.


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