Youth vs. Wisdom

I am in the ranks of the “middle aged.” Okay, let’s face it, I am an old lady. In the years that I have been forty and fifty something I have realized on a few occasions I have been served or helped by people that look like children.

It is okay to have your groceries bagged or to go to a movie where the clerk looks like a young teen but when you are donating blood and the girl who is sticking you with a 16 gauge needle (the size of a coffee stir) looks like she is about 15 is downright scary.

Worse yet, can be when your doctor is younger than you. It can be a little scary. But if the doctor is competent—one who keeps up on the latest techniques—that is a good thing. I abhor doctors who think their learning is complete after getting their license. These doctors may complete continuing education hours in order to keep their license but that is it. These guys are still practicing medicine using outdated or even incorrect information. Now that is paralyzing. I suspect I will notice this more and more of this as I get older. I may even start having to ask these people how old they are and how long they have been doing their job.

I remember a particular instance when I was out dancing. I saw a little blond that looked about 12 years old. Okay, maybe not 12 but she certainly did not look old enough to be in a night club. Yes, I know that is not in the context of workers who look young. Yes, I realize that is hypocritical since I started going out dancing at a young age. But I find it amusing how youth appears to me now.

It is amazing that when you are a teen people calling you a “kid” is so annoying. You don’t realize how it could possibly make sense until you become a seasoned adult yourself. (As a point of reference I believe we reach adulthood at about twenty-three. Science supports maturity in the mid-twenties because the brain is fully developed at that point.) Hell, I didn’t know what beer I liked until I was twenty three. Not to say that is a milestone to adulthood—but I believe decisions become more your own in your mid-twenties.

Hopefully, as we age we gain wisdom—at the very least we gain more knowledge and understanding. This can simply come from having more experiences. It can also come from reading a lot; or in this day and age watching the right type of streaming TV or YouTube videos.

Being wise or knowledgeable comes with effort so because folks are older does not automatically make them wise or an authority on any subject. As with anything it takes intention and focus to broaden your competence and mastery of a subject.


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