Ried Rave 0713

This week I wanted to write a rave for a local FREE attraction. It is a museum sort of attraction. Something interesting for young and old. It is The Art of the Brick exhibition in downtown Tampa. This is a traveling exhibit. Unfortunately, there is only one other US location to visit. But if you are in or near Tampa, Florida check it out by September 4, 2017. Here is the website.

I am at a point where I am choosy on how I spend my time and money. I want to do fun, new things but lack the funds to gallivant all over creation to view interesting art. (or excursionary activities for that matter). So I really think it is great when I find an affordable or free activity that is also unique.

This past weekend I went to The Art of the Brick at 802 E Whiting St, Tampa, FL 33602. There are 100 Lego sculptures which vary from stand alone figurines to Lego adapted “paintings” which are recreations of some of the most famous canvas creations from history.

The line is long but waiting is made easier with the umbrellas that are loaned to the folks in line, or on line depending on where you are from. We spent about 45 minutes waiting to get in another 45 minutes looking at the exhibits. I was feeling more playful then my husband; as evidenced by the photos. But he took more photos of the works than I and admitted to being glad that we went.

So if your pockets have more dust then money and you like looking at sculptures I would recommend visiting this unique exhibition.





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