Subliminal Messages

We receive input that seeps into our unconscious mind every day. Whether it be from advertisers in the form of logos on cars, disposable cups or paper cakeboxes. We may not pay attention to the thousands of advertisements we are subjected to each day but I suggest we all pay more attention that the messages our own subconscious sends to us.

Have you ever really wanted or needed something and a seemingly serendipitous event occurs? For instance, I know someone who really wanted a laptop computer to use with his hobby but he could not see fit or afford to buy one. But one day at a yard sale he spied a laptop and asked how much it was. The person managing the yard sale said the laptop did not work and that he could have it for free. After several hours of research and cleaning the hard drive of defects the laptop worked.

Another example might be how sometimes when I am perplexed my mind will start thinking of a song. Often the answer to my query is in the song lyrics…weird, (maybe even wacko) But it works for me. Additionally, When I cannot find something in my house I have a faint sense of where I saw it last—in a drawer or cupboard—so that is where I start looking. Guess what? That is where I find it.

You may have a different method of find answers or things. But it is likely that you are able to relate to this oddity in some way. We get little messages every day. Some of them are quite useful. Just yesterday I saw this…

You might think to yourself yeah, so what? It’s an ant carrying a dead spider. But take a moment and look at it from a different point of view. It is a little tiny thing that in spite of its size and circumstance has the strength to provide for itself and carry a load that far exceeds its own weight. Witnessing this gave me the message that I need to persevere and continue.

Maybe that is a message coming from my subconscious or God, or the universe. Whatever the case, it is a message that is good to take heed. Often we already know what to do. Sometimes it is hard for us to take the steps toward what is scary but good for us.

My challenge to you is take notice and interpret the messages that you are exposed to each day and maybe, hopefully, it will help you reach your goal.


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