Fear Strikes in the Hearts of Millions

After Hurricane Irma hit there was some indication that even those who escaped damage to their homes, belongings or lives have suffered. I spoke with a friend who was unable to figure out why she was so tired. She specifically mentioned that she was sleepy versus worn out. There was talk on the Miguel & Holly show (Hot 101.5) of how some folks ended up showing what they were made of as far as relationships are concerned.

You may wonder why you fought with your spouse or significant other, why you were unable to deal with the frenzy at the grocery or hardware store. It is likely it is because you were in fight or flight mode. That primitive part of our brains that still has the ability to circumvent executive brain function—that part that is able to think—even after millions of years and the industrial and technological age.

We may not even realize the exhaustion or anxiety is due to being prepped and waiting for days to find out what would happen after the hurricane hit. Irma was traveling slowly—at nine to 14 mph so we had plenty of time to worry. We may have started to run scenarios and became depressed simply by the thought of potential loss.

It was scary for a lot of us. Some were likely terrified. Now that the damage has passed some folks are dealing with the burden of trying to build their lives up again. So in a sense they are still in the marathon of fear, defeat and loss.

My heart goes out to all who have had to deal with this natural disaster and I wish you the best on your road to recovery. I urge you to take some time to take care of yourself emotionally and do your best to understand other folks may have lost a lot. Maybe they are still in panic mode. Understand that all of us are worn out to varying degrees because we had to endure a major hurricane and all the uncertainty it brought with it.


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