Stop Asking Me

As some of you may know I have been looking for gainful, challenging, enjoyable permanent work for quite some time. While at university my goal was mostly to find work that would allow me to keep my grades up and was flexible enough to allow for the change in class schedule each semester.

Now that I have completed my degrees I have been looking for work that is more than a paycheck. Something with the right work culture in an industry that is agreeable and feasible for me to do. What I mean by this is the job/career must align with my morals and ideology.

As with most folks who are looking for work I have posted my resume on the most popular job boards e.g. indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. The down side of doing this is the fact that I receive unsolicited email—spam and phishing. But I also receive email from “recruiters.”

The vast majority of these email messages are “After seeing your resume on [insert job board] I think you would be a good candidate for our company” or one of the latest “We recently received your resume and still have a job opening in [my neighborhood]. I believe your qualifications might be a good fit for our organization.” This guy is now bothering me as are others whose email messages state “contact me if you are interested.” Well no, I am not interested so stop contacting me.

Who are these folks; you might be wondering. They are life (or health) insurance companies looking for people who will badger prospects as they are badgering me. One job I will never hold is the one that sells life or health insurance. I have sold print advertising and that was enough for me to find out that I will never enjoy selling esoteric goods—the products that folks cannot hold in their hands. I think people need to have a physical thing in order to be satisfied with their purchase.

Plus the only way to make out on the “winning” end of insurance is to experience a loss…or die. Then a beneficiary of your choice gets the revel in money while they are wallowing in the mire of depression due to the loss of a loved one.

Life and health insurance sales are fine for you if it is your forte but leave me out of it. And if I need to opt out; stop writing that “if I am interested” to contact you, you HR troll. Stop clogging up my email box with hooey that I am SO not interested in.


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