Distractions Can be Useful

This world is moving at warp speed. We are constantly subjected to multiple streams of stimuli that distract us from what we “need” to do. We are constantly connected and often do not have the will power to ignore that extraneous text, phone call or Facebook post.

In these moments we can make a shift from intention and may end up falling through our day—much like an animated character falls from a tree colliding with each branch (distraction) as they fall to the ground (the end of our day). We may end up thinking “I got nothing done” as we drift off to sleep.

But some distractions can be useful—even good. Yes, they may take a little more work than that passive distraction like a text. But with the tiniest bit of intention a big shift is possible.

Do you ever find yourself participating in stinkin’ thinkin’? Do you board the train of despair and doubt? It goes something like this: You’re minding your own business. A thought enters your head because you have seen something, smelled something or some other trigger has occurred. The thought invades…. It grows. It tumbles into the worry or preoccupation that impacts your mood, your productivity or prevents you from being in the moment.

It is possible, even easy, to get caught up in the whirlwind of errant thoughts. But if you practice a positive distraction it may be useful and even helpful. There have been a few different folks that have wrote or talked about how identifying and calling out your noid can help.

For instance, Mel Robbins uses the 5 second rule; outlined in her book The 5 Second Rule. It is basically counting down from 5 and going to a good thought when your thoughts start to stink. J.P. Hansen author of the Blisslist advises to you to say “cancel” to yourself when those defeating thoughts make themselves known.

So sometimes distractions can be good, yes the good distractions may take a little more work. But in 21 days it could be a happy habit to have. We have enough stuff trying to crowd us out and make us miserable. The last thing we need is to be an enemy to ourselves. So be sure to take care of you.


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