Addle Minded…

Well, it has finally happened. I have officially reached saturation point. Or a point so close to my mind’s “do not fill above this line” things I want and need to do are falling out of my brain.

This is the not the first time I have neglected, no, forgotten to post to the blog. Life is just getting in the way…way too much. Fires keep igniting. So I stop my routine and extinguish the fire; no matter how long it takes. As a result, my routine activities and responsibilities suffer.

You may have heard the platitude “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” I DON’T NEED TO BE ANY STRONGER. I need peace. I need rest. And that is hard, if not impossible to do when I keep fielding blow after blow to my security and way of life.


I know that I need to breathe and take a beat. In my head I know what I need to do. But my limbic system has other ideas on what needs to be done. Typically, I am always on. I think of and solve problems in the 40 minutes or so that it takes me to fall asleep. In the middle of the night I participate in round two of my private brainstorming session. Wait, can it be a brain storming session if it is only me?

Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be and I am no exception. But what happens when things are REALLY stinkin’ hard? So hard that you forget little things and essentially are working on auto pilot?

The stress response known as fight or flight is useful when appropriate…those short periods of time when you are actually in mortal danger. But if you get stuck there your executive brain function shuts down and the primitive brain is in the driver’s seat. Believe me that is not a good thing for anyone; unless of course you are running away from a saber tooth tiger.


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