Turkey Butt; What, What?

Well we are full force into fall…and the season of thanks. Many people speak of thanks for with the usual—grateful for friends, family, health, etc. It is probably rare that you would hear folks being grateful for very specific things. It is often a broad and/or abstract thing i.e. grateful for “friends” rather than “my friend [insert friend’s name] or being thankful for health instead of being thankful for being able to sit down and utilizing the built it cushions we know as gluteus maximus…Yeah, I am going there….

Every year at this time of thanks I am grateful for things like opposable thumbs, and photosynthesis. I consider these examples of a specific and a broad item to be thankful about. I mention this because even when I hear of gratefulness I rarely hear people being grateful for the AMAZING things our bodies can do. It might not sound amazing but your butt is a great asset (pun intended).

Provia Copy 2 butts

Why am I grateful for little body parts? Every now and then we are reminded of little things we take for granted. I recently discovered a new aliment. Something called a thrombosis. That’s the medical term for a blood clot. Blood clots are typically very painful and some can be life threatening like deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism.

But there is another type of thrombosis that is not as easy to discuss. It is the thrombotic hemorrhoid aka piles. It is hard enough for us to discuss our personal plumbing parts with others. But imagine when you need to talk about the functional part of our behind a time limit to get it taken care of before the treatment is moot.

Did you know that a thrombotic hemorrhoid needs to be treated in the first 72 hours? Well if you want it to be useful anyway. Did you know that walk in clinics and emergency rooms are unlikely to remove them. Yeah, so it is possible to waste all kinds of time trying to get out of the excruciating pain that accompanies blood clots of the bum.

In Tampa there are a few places that will help folks with this affliction same day but they don’t seem to be widely publicized; maybe because we as a society are too scared to speak of such “delicate” subjects.

This is yet another argument to examine yourself for moles, marks, bumps, boils, and anything that looks like it is out of whack. Because how can you take care of yourself if you are not familiar with what everything normally looks like for you?


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