Timeliness and Updating

We rush here and there, trying to get this and that done. We do more and more. But is it really more? If we forget or neglect to finish a task is it done? (Think tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it.) Okay, so maybe that is not the best peripheral example but it’s late and you get the idea.

People fail to return calls. If they do return them they won’t leave a message. Recently I had worked a position where almost the entire company had no voicemail. Who does that?

In the past few years I have worked a series of temporary positions. Some while in school. Some while looking for that career I was supposed to be able to get after graduating. I got work from temp agencies, from craigslist.org, and from company job portals.

Something that I have noticed from craigslist ads is that many folks who post advertisements but forget (or don’t care) to remove the ad post once the jobs is filled or the thing is sold. Yes, these stale ads are from jobs, gigs, for sale and other categories. But why is it that leave things undone, unfinished or as my mom would say half-assed? Could it be that we don’t care? Could it be that we are too busy?

Completing a task is going through all of the steps—from start to finish. For example, laundry is sort, wash, dry AND fold. Resolving an issue involves seeing it through; even if it is a pain in the ass; even if it not easy. Giving up does not mean something is complete.

This is not to say that sometimes we need to “put a pin in it” or “set it on the back burner.” Those things are still peculating. They are not in purgatory. At some point we will get to them…hopefully…if they don’t expire…and we remember…. What was I talking about?


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