Time vs. Money

You may have heard the phrase “You either have time or money” as I have. I used to believe this saying to be true but it this is one of the times where I have been proven wrong.

What this phrase meant to me in the past is that you are either working and have money to pay for bills and a certain amount of luxury items or you were out of work and had time for other pursuits. This mainly came into play when I considered charity donations. Often we think that “giving to charity” means a monetary donation. But you can also give your time.

I am unsure how this belief I have has stood up in light of my current situation because I am bereft of both time and money. Maybe it is because our economy has changed to the point where people can hold two or even three jobs and still be unable to meet their financial responsibilities.

I have been working a temporary assignment seven days a week for compensation below what is required to meet my overhead. As a result I am neglecting daily chores like laundry, grocery getting and any other responsibility that I can push off. In fact, this blog post is going to be short even though I love it because I have got about ten minutes before I have to get ready for work.

On the lighter side of the news this work assignment has brought with it the benefit of receiving arrant smiles from the most generous population in our society—children. These smiles I receive make me smile and smiles are good. Yes, smiles are very good.


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