On Waiting

– The Right Time Never Comes

A lot of people put their life on hold because they are waiting for the right moment to execute something like having a baby, saving for the future, saving for retirement, starting a business, or any number of things.

While I understand that it is important to plan for the future and to get the education or minimal foundation needed before executing a product; it’s also imperative that we are not paralyzed by preparation.

This issue relates to a new business or product because some inventors and/or entrepreneurs wait for that thing to be perfect before releasing it into the world. One great quote goes something like this: “…if your product is perfect when you launch it then it’s too late for it to be successful.”

Things are dynamic, things change. You will never be totally prepared any big event that comes your way or that you execute. The best you can do is save some money, get that education, do the research, do the legwork and then launch or take action as soon as possible. If you wait until you’re ready, “ready” will never come.

One of the really bad things we have a tendency to do is we “save it for a special occasion.” We cover our couches, we don’t wear our jewelry, we don’t use our good China, or our idea is never quite finished. But what happens when that perfect day never comes? We never get to enjoy that thing that we cherish. Yes, things wear out. But they’re supposed to wear out. All you can do is the best that you can do. Take care of it so you can get a lot of enjoyment out of it but the key point here is to get enjoyment out of it.

Some people may say that I have no right to talk about when it is right to have a child since I haven’t had a child. But I think if you keep waiting for the right moment it may have already passed. I don’t know that you ever know the right moment to embark on any journey that will substantially change your life—and that you likely fear. (It is still a good idea for children not to have children though.) If you have a plan for your life precautions need to be taken, if you have goals such as finishing school, getting your own place, purchasing a home or getting married make that plan and follow it as closely as you can. Face it. Life will get in your way so it is best to be able to adapt to those changes.

What I am saying here is if we sit around and wait for things to happen odds are really good that they are never going to happen. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s also quite possible that the reason why we are waiting for the right time is because we are fearful of taking that step into the unknown and change things.

Figure it out as you go. Because everything pretty much as far as I’m concerned is dynamic anyway. So get out there and make small course corrections as you go so you can stay on track.


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