Shame, Shame.

Your mother may have said to you “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” While I certainly have said (and still say) things that “are not nice” I make every effort to avoid episodes of jerkdum, or speaking critically if there is no value connected to what I say.

The internet has brought a lot with it. Some is good and some bad. It is a superpower (or a super suit) which we all have access. Unfortunately, like almost everything it can be used for evil…. (Yes, I am being melodramatic; but there are miscreants who use the internet (and technology) to hurt others for no good reason.

Humans are imperfect. We all are flawed. Certainly we all possess the ability to be nice. Then why would people attack others on social media? I bring this up because I read an article about how “trolls” posted derogatory messages about Kelly Ripa for wearing a bikini after the “cut off” age (Listen to Podcast if you want to hear the list of items “age appropriate” clothing and my feelings on that list.) The short version is that restricting a woman’s choice of clothing solely by age is hooey.

If someone has nothing better to do than antagonize a situation I wonder how miserable they must be. I wonder if they actually feel better after being mean for no apparent reason. Yes, perhaps it is possible that these people feel they are defending some righteous cause; although which cause eludes me. Perhaps it is a publicity stunt. The goal could be to gain notoriety for the celebrity or the person posting the off color, inappropriate or even heinous comment, video or the like.

Things fall apart on their own. It is unnecessary to help them. Nature degrades. So perhaps these people who badger and bully are actually taking credit for something that is easy to do. Maybe it makes them feel better. Maybe they need pity. Whatever the case, when you hear naysayers, bullies, and miscreants utter their nefarious words, it is more about their shame that what “should” be yours.

Being true to yourself is hard. But with practice and perseverance I believe it is possible to be true to yourself AND kind to others. Hell, we can even make the world better if we make the effort. So the next time you think of lashing out or judging others remember their story is different from yours and you have bigger fish to fry if your goal is to be the best you that is possible.


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