Dreams Don’t Die

Have you ever had that gnawing in your gut? That feeling or thought that crops up over and over? In my experience this incessant thought orbits around a decision that needs to be made or an action that needs to be executed. Certainly I have touched on this subject before; although I have no idea when. I remember espousing how pervasive thoughts can be. Actually, I compared it to the movie Babe wherein the narrator tells of have Arthur Hogget got ideas that would not go away.

Some may refer to certain recurrent thoughts as intuition, gut feeling, the Universe, Divinity or a celestial being guiding them along. What I am referring to is our dreams, goals and desires. Many people dream of being rich and famous. But would being rich be enough? Is it good to be famous? I think people wish for fame because they believe that bank accounts fatten with celebrity. Certainly celebrity status can be miserable.

But I am not referring to wishes. What I am writing about is that thing that brings you peace, that thing that fills your soul—the bliss maker. That inescapable part of you that is great. That part of you that is in the zone. We might catch only a glimpse of the greatness that resides in us because we have been told to assimilate, to blend into the established norm. These norms include the “right” job, significant other, house, car or any number of things that are considered the end all—the equation for “happiness.”

I propose that you listen to that muse inside of you. Yes, it will likely be difficult but sometimes your true calling is difficult. It may not be the difficultly that is unbearable. The unbearable thing may be to settle for less than what you are capable of doing or being and that would definitely be the tragedy. Think of all the great people who would not listen to the naysayers—Edison, Einstein, Lincoln, Spielberg. Need more? Check this list: https://addicted2success.com/motivation/50-famously-successful-people-who-failed-at-first/ or maybe this one can help you see it differently: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/25/successful-people-obstacles_n_3964459.html. In short, understand your greatness and work on it as often as you can. That is what will be there for you when you are old and wrinkled.


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