The Magic Button

Life is hard. It is not for the faint of heart. But still the strong need a reprieve. Much like the Grand Canyon constant friction will erode even the most solid foundation. When we endure wave after wave of difficulty without a proper rest period we will suffer—both emotionally and physically.

There are many folks who walk around talking about getting stronger with every obstacle that is overcome but to me that is a platitude. No organism can survive constant upheaval. People are broken with methods of torture because they are unrelenting.

I have made light of the misery that comes my way by exclaiming “I want the easy button.” Sometimes it is necessary to laugh at the misery in front you. Certainly, we all have our coping mechanisms. Some people hide away, some use sarcasm or humor as their defense mechanism. Some move forward with reckless abandon and still others simply stuff it down so deep into the caverns of their subconscious that they may not even be aware of the cause of their underlying sadness.

I watched 10 amazing websites recently and although the TechGumbo guy goes over ten websites all together he has found the Magic Button website where you can press the magic button and make everything OK.

You might be thinking that this is simply another version of a platitude…maybe. You might be thinking what a simple idea…maybe. You also may be thinking there is no way this is going to help me at all. My life sucks…. But wait until the process is complete:

everything is OK

Check the byline…go on… Did you notice it said to check you settings of perception? I will wait while you read it. Perception is the key. A lot of us have trouble with that. Yes, things can be bad, or even miserable. Yes, it is hard. But sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. Understand that we make it worse when we isolate ourselves, when we think it will never end. That is the true reason we feel defeated or miserable.

It might be necessary to shift our thinking and stop vocalizing incessantly of how bad things are at this given moment in time. The Grand Canyon can be viewed as an old worn out rock formation that has suffered an irreversible injury. Or we can view it as something new and different, something that has stood the test and can adapt to changes in order to survive…and thrives. Scads of people stood in awe of its beauty.

Yes, your experiences change you but sometimes that is a good thing…sometimes it takes shifting the thought process and flexibility. In order to become the best you can be with what you have. What use is it belly aching about how shitty things are? Take the steps that you think will help you. Take baby steps. Once you make small corrections in your course it will be better. Even if it is only accepting the circumstance and having your eye on a goal that fills your soul.


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