Kick Ass Film Review

Friday Film Review: Kick Ass 2010
(Obviously)Warning: “kick ass” expletive is used but only because it is the name of the film.
Ried reviews a pretty old film in this episode. In fact, when she watched it there were a few actors that were so young it was odd to watch at first.
This movie had TONS of violence, murder and a bit a mayhem. “Did not blow my skirt up” rating on this one. But if you are okay with the violence there are a few jokes that deserve a chuckle and the choreography is pretty good in the movie.

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2 thoughts on “Kick Ass Film Review

  1. Hey kick ass was an awesome movie. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it but I really don’t remember any real sex scenes. I do think that hit girl was the star of the movie.


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