Healing Time After Surgery

RR160 Healing Time After Surgery
Why does it take so long to heal? I am wondering about this since my movement it still compromised since my surgery.
The body cannot multitask. If your body is fighting a bug, bacteria, or virus other repair mechanisms are compromised. I read a book that talked about how when you ingest food you are allergic or intolerant to will result in compromising your ability to fight disease.
Think of it this way if your troops are out protecting you from eating something it doesn’t like they are not going to be available when the bacteria gets into your body because you have touched your face after being around someone who is sick.
You are not sleeping or eating well. Food and sleep are the inescapable requirements of being human…along with eating.
You might need to move more. I know it is hard to get motivated when you feel like dog doo doo but movement helps your body in so many ways. It elevates endorphins, it gets your blood circulating, it shifts your mood.
Oh yeah and I have no idea why I got so many How to heal your broken heart hits…
Take your time. In this hustle and bustle 24 hour a day grind we think we can will ourselves back to our old self. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. The mind is very powerful and it plays a big part in how you feel but it needs your cooperation. Understand and listen to your body when it beckons to you to rest.

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Danna Pycher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erpPQDSWD0k


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