What are Nootropics?

Could NZT be real…or some form of it? Nootropics are smart drugs.

When I watched the movie Limitless I fantasized about being able to recall all my knowledge and memories at a moment’s notice when I wanted it. To me that would be a great superpower.

Now we have something called nootropics. They have been around for a while but what brought this to the forefront for me was a job post I came across on craigslist. *** NEW COFFEE CREATING MINI and MA$$IVE INCOME STREAMS ***and this one ** NOOTROPICS CREATING MA$$IVE SHORT TERM and LONG TERM INCOMES **

Do you think this guy is trying to say something?

I decided to look into this phenomena of smart coffee. All the research links are below.

I found a website that touted the best nootropic coffee—five of them—some of which have nothing more than caffeine as an ingredient. And while caffeine is considered a nootropic I believe it is misleading to market plain coffee as a “Get smarter item”

Of course as usual with this type of subject I took a stroll into the rabbit hole. Supplements, coffee, individual creams and the like, regulations and warnings and the inevitable snake oil salesmen.

It looks like nootropics are not FDA regulated as drug or supplement. “…nootropics require no clinical trials, no proof of safety or effectiveness, no FDA approval and no prescription from the doctor. A broad regulation directed at supplement makers is that they can’t claim to cure or treat a disease. If companies take care not to run afoul of marketing regulations, they can sell their products online and on store shelves”

But as you may know In order for a supplement to pass FDA they do not have to be effective; they only need not to kill or damage you.

I did see that the FDA did created the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs three years ago but I am not sure how effectively this department tackles the supplement claim problem.

But the FDA is also flawed because often drug companies are the ones who are paying for the clinical trials in order to get a new drugs approved. Add to that the fact that most drug trials last about eight weeks. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us in a position to do our own legwork and know what is going on with our own bodies including how it reacts to what we ingest.

Natural supplements and drugs can interact with your current medications and physiology. Just because something is natural does not mean it is safe. Brain and body chemistry are complicated.

Plus supplements can be a waste of money. A big waste of money….

Ever wonder why your urine looks green after you take your vitamins? That is all that money you just spent in the toilet. Granted a lot of your money ends up in the toilet—but you gotta eat.

Alpha GPC increases acetylcholine which causes bradycardia.

substances like aniracetam, piracetam, pramiracetam, and adrafinil, billed as a cousin to the alertness drug, modafinil are illegal in some countries.

Nicotine is addictive as is caffeine
Too much of most of these can hurt you
If they work it can take many months
Your body adapts and it is no longer useful

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