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RR165 Friday Film Review: Aquaman
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WARNING Expletives Kick Ass(sort of) S-H-I-T and M-F not said but spelled out. And the word God
Episode 165 – Rental Movie Review: 19. 0329
2018 PG-13 2hr 38 min IMDb 7.2/10, Action Adventure Fantasy. 65% Fresh Tomatoes Action Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy Starring: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe with Patrick Wilson Nicole Kidman and Dolph Lundgren Director: James Wan. Written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick et al.
PG-13 for sequences of SciFi Violence and action and for some language
I watched this movie primarily because there was a two for one special at Redbox. It had not been on my list of must see movies. After watching it I must admit my gut was right on this one.
This movie was horrendously long and did not blow my skirt up. Some of the amusing bits of this movie were not from the movie itself but the silliness of his alter ego name of Arthur and how the true king is the only one to pull the sword from the stone; I mean trident from the previous king.
This goes back to my belief that all stories stem from but about a dozen. Almost every story is an incarnation/iteration of a previous one…or perhaps some sort of mashup.
While I can admire that lean and length of Aquaman’s physique I don’t get how some women are swooning over this guy. Maybe it is me…I have never been a swooner.
Things I liked:
Mera’s superpower; it was really cool that she was able to manipulate water in a such a way.
The costumes were fabulous for the most part
The sets and venues were pretty stinkin’ cool
The fact that there were a few fun moments in the film particularly some which were unexpected.
Things I did not like:
Too much CGA, a good part of this movie was a cartoon and I find that bothersome.
The fight scenes’ choreography was lack luster and tipped into boring at times.
The green outfit that Mera was wearing….
The shade of red Mera’s hair was, silly I know.
Overall this movie was okay and I am glad I did not pay full price at the theater or at Redbox to watch it.
I found it a little too hokey for my taste. Sometimes I like hokey but yesterday.
Watch this movie if you are a DC comic fan
Watch this movie if you are the person who likes eye candy
Watch this movie if you are okay with a lot of computer generated animation.
Watch if you are good at suspending your disbelief.
Can you tell I was less than thrilled with this movie?
That is all I have for this one
Links to reviews and ratings are absent because my internet went down thanks to the City digging on my property. I will add them as soon as I can.
Thank you all for your patience and patronage.

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