The Dirt Film Review

RR171 Friday Film Review: The Dirt
Expletive WARNING: “shitty” and “sucks”
2019 TV-MA 1hr 47 min IMDb 7/10, biography comedy drama How? There are self-proclaimed scenes that never happened?. 40% Rotten Tomatoes Drama Starring: Douglas Booth, Iwan Rheon, Daniel Webber Director: Jeff Tremaine. Written by Amanda Adelson (screenplay)Tommy Lee (book) Mick Mars Vince Neil Nikki Sixx Neil Strauss (book) Rich Wilkes (screenplay)
The husband was watching this movie when I got home and since it seemed to be on only for a short time I thought what the hell? I will review this clearly corny romp with the motley crew that comprises Mötely Crüe.
I am not a big fan of metal bands, never have been. But I do enjoy a good story of stardom and fame. I also enjoy being reminded of the cornball hair and clothing from the 80s, maybe because I lived through that time.
Originally I figured I missed 20 minutes of this film. Still I wanted to watch what I missed last night prior to giving my review. As it turns out I missed 41 minutes of this movie.
It’s a good thing too because I missed quite a bit of back story. Funny thing is that even with watching what I had previously missed; I found later there were a ton of material errors in this Biography. Besides how can anyone recall exactly what they did 20 years ago when they were sober much less recalling memories that are colored by the haze of booze, cocaine and heroin?
So let’s get that part straight humans have difficultly; if not impossibility recalling facts period. Our brains are constantly filling in the holes of our reality regardless if the information is true.
The Good
A fun somewhat raunchy ride with a band of guys who ended up making their dream true.
Love the 80s kick back even if a lot of it was not quite right. (See the list at IMDb of the flubs ups).
Talking to the audience like we were there at that time which I only now found out is called “Breaking the fourth wall.” I have always loved this technique and I am confused that I have only now found out what it is called.
The Bad
The hair on the actors. I am thinking the wigs could have been so much better. There was something so odd in how most of these guys looked. Certainly it was due to makeup or how they had to transform themselves to play in the movie.
The Ugly
This movie is a reminder about how a lot of the life of a metal band is lived through the filter of drugs and alcohol; meaning was it really that cool and rad?
That this movie is a form of entertainment, it is not a biography.
I would have never watched this flick on my own. So it does not get a blow up skirt score.
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