Max Steel Film Review

RR174 Max Steel Film Review
2016 PG 13 1hr 32 min IMDb 4.6/10, Action Adventure Family. 0% Rotten Tomatoes Action & Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction & Fantasy Drama Starring: Ben Winchell, Josh Brener, Maria Bello Director: Stewart Hendler. Written by Christopher L. Yost
Every single critic review on rotten tomatoes seemed to hate this flick for one reason or another.
Budget of 10M Gross USA 3.8M gross worldwide 6.2M Clearly this movie was not a hit at the box office. Definitely a film that stayed in the red.
But I disagree with the notion it had no value and was bad. This is a light hearted movie that had great plucky comic relief. Certainly this is the reason that I liked this film.
No, it was not the greatest acting. Yes, the villain was hokey. Yes, the super suit was silly. But was it any worse than Star Kid? As I look up the reviews for star kid I see that movie was not well received either. Another movie that I watched and found it to have entertainment value.
Maybe it is because when I watch a movie I watch according to my mood. If I want a kid flick with a scifi theme I never expect it to be an epic masterpiece. Sometimes you only want to decompress and watching a ground breaking phenomenal movie is unnecessary.
Hokeiness incarnate included the practice fight scene in the abandoned building, the hero vs. nemesis fight scene, when are hero newly discovers energy emitting from his hand and he attempts to smother it with a pillow.
Fun Stuff is the interaction between Max and Steel. For me this is really what made the film entertaining. Without this element it is likely I would have passed on this film.

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