Overboard (2018) Film Review

RR177 Film Review Friday: Overboard (remake)
2018 PG 13 1hr 52 min IMDb 5.9/10, Comedy Romance. 24% Rotten Tomatoes Comedy, Romance Starring: Eugenio Derbez, Anna Faris, Eva Longoria. Director: Rob Greenberg Written by Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg

Let’s get right to the point. This remake was so incredibly disappointing. I like Anna Faris. She is adorable and I find the movies she is in fun and light hearted entertainment…this one not so much.
I get that many film makers are venturing down that road of diversity, girl power like to switch it up a bit to combat the decades of minimizing and exclusion. Or maybe film makers believe if the movie is changed just enough in some respect it will be better.
In my experience this is rarely the case. Especially with this film offering; some scenes were identical to the Overboard of Russell and Hawn fame. Some of the gender reversals are ludicrous and unrealistic.
This remake seemed perfunctory and ridiculous. I don’t see how anyone can work two or more jobs raise children and study for an exam. (Kurt Russell’s character was working on his own business; a mini golf amusement park).
The movie droned on for about 40 minutes until we got the first laugh. I had considered finding something else until the film got to this mildly amusing status.
In the end it redeemed itself but only a bit. It did not seem to have strived to stand on its own merits. It was trying to live the glory days of the original Overboard movie.
I had high hopes for this film but alas it did not blow my skirt up.
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