Emergency Room Visit 2019

Emergency Room Visit 2019
No research. No preparation—other than life—for this week’s episode. This week I will share with you my lovely experience (note the sarcasm) at the ER and hospital with my husband because he could not breathe last Saturday.
I won’t share all the nuance, the errors in recording medical history, the saying something and doing something else or the fact that we played a game of telephone.
This is basically a rant on how frustrating it is when life gives you a sharp left when you thought the road was straight. I spared you the use of the F-ing expletive but may keep in the YouTube version of the podcast.
My original topic was to be customer service…or lack thereof but instead I wanted to check in and let you know that this week was hard and I still wanted to post something.
You may not know about sepsis and I will go over that; but only slightly. I will wonder why so many of us go on in spite of the adversity we face. And I will remind you that we need to put the oxygen on our face before we help others in the event that the cabin loses pressure (note the plane metaphor).
I hope to get back on schedule by the word of the week on Wednesday. Until then thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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