Stop Asking Me

As some of you may know I have been looking for gainful, challenging, enjoyable permanent work for quite some time. While at university my goal was mostly to find work that would allow me to keep my grades up and was flexible enough to allow for the change in class schedule each semester. Now that … More Stop Asking Me

Subliminal Messages

We receive input that seeps into our unconscious mind every day. Whether it be from advertisers in the form of logos on cars, disposable cups or paper cakeboxes. We may not pay attention to the thousands of advertisements we are subjected to each day but I suggest we all pay more attention that the messages … More Subliminal Messages

Paper or Plastic?

While waiting in line (or on line if you are a New Yorker) at one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree; I saw the most horrible sight when you are in a hurry—someone paying by check. Some of you might be thinking to yourself “What is a check?” Well, it is the non-cash method of … More Paper or Plastic?