RR031 Podcast Episode

Job Hunt Rules of Engagement~Transformers Last Knight review RR031 17.1211 Podcast mirrors life this week when Ried discusses Job Hunting Rules of Engagement and how to know if a prospective employer is asking questions that are in violation of the EEOC. They can be tricky so give a listen. Word of the Week: Conscientious (18:30) … More RR031 Podcast Episode

RR030 Podcast

Migraine~Minutiae~Hitman’s Bodyguard movie review. RR030 17.1204 This week hits home a bit for Ried since she talks mainly about migraine headaches. Be warned there is a bit of sex talk; not really but there is a headache that is brought on by sex…. Word of the week is: Minutiae How Ried was a contestant on … More RR030 Podcast

Chicken or the Egg?

You may have heard the expression “chicken or the egg” But do you know the question it asks? Some similar queries are “talent or drive” and “motivation or action.” The conundrum here is which begets what. At a panel discussion I asked one of the venture capitalists if he thought talent or drive was more … More Chicken or the Egg?

“Need to Know”

You may have heard the phrase Knowledge is Power. or maybe scientia potentia est or even ipsa scientia potestas est. Okay, so maybe you are a stranger to quotes from Francis Bacon seventeenth century English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, author, etc. etc. But it is still possible to believe in the idiom. If you … More “Need to Know”

Addle Minded…

Well, it has finally happened. I have officially reached saturation point. Or a point so close to my mind’s “do not fill above this line” things I want and need to do are falling out of my brain. This is the not the first time I have neglected, no, forgotten to post to the blog. … More Addle Minded…