RR045 Podcast Episode

RR045 Warning contains phrase “kicks ass” Ever wonder if what you say pisses people off? Well, here are a few words and phrases that might do just that. Word of the Week: Antagonist (16:28) Monotonous (18:31) Rental Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok (19:40) Link to Bulls Radio clip of Ried discussing the “word” irregardless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJpcy1sBKRw&index=6&list=PLUvYLLXdYfzfP2injVV4zfWEBf1buCpk8 Research … More RR045 Podcast Episode


There are a few words in the English language that are better to avoid. While the word “focus” may be a good action to take, it makes a pitiful directive. It may be a little unclear what my meaning is here. But I believe that words convey a certain meaning when they are uttered in … More Focus

“Sports” Car

In my quest for a new vehicle I have come across a few concepts that are perplexing. I am searching for a used car (yuck) that is similar to the one I had that was totaled recently; an exercise in futility. Because the only way that I can “be made whole” is to have the … More “Sports” Car

Paper or China?

In our last podcast I brought up the metaphor of how our tolerance level is like a plate. Surely you have heard the expression “I have a lot on my plate.” What about the size of our plate? What about the integrity of our plate? Is it big or small? Is it Paper or fine … More Paper or China?

Give and Take

Lately I have had the sad reminder that many people are only interested in talking to you if it serves them. We had recently looked at how people only call when they want something—and that has become more apparent in the last few days. Certainly I am still feeling sour and am full of piss … More Give and Take