Anxiety and Organization Correlation RR086

RR086 Organization can help mitigate anxiety if used properly. There are also health benefits as well. Although Ried has a dissenting opinion on what those benefits actually are. She discusses tips on getting organized and some things that are best avoided which are in the guise of organization. Research and Links Anxiety and Organization Correlation RR086

W.O.W. Proprietary RR072

RR072 Word of the Week: Proprietary What exactly is proprietary information? Ried takes a cursory look at what this phrase means. She touches on trade secret, copyright and trademark meanings as well. There are some good links below so be sure to check them out. Research and Links W.O.W. Proprietary RR072

W.O.W. Want vs. Expect RR069

RR069 Word of the Week (WOW) Wednesday. Ried compares and contrasts the words want and expect. There is a dollop of desire and a smidgen of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Give a listen and learn a few nuances of these two words. Research and Links Like, share, comment, … More W.O.W. Want vs. Expect RR069

WOW Hookup RR063

RR063 Word of the Week (W.O.W.) 18.0704 WARNING: Adult theme. In spite of several interruptions during the podcast recording–the pooch, thunder, etc. Ried discusses the true meaning of the phrase hookup. She describes and distinguishes between a few different dictionary definitions and goes over some of the euphemisms people use for sexual acts. She shares … More WOW Hookup RR063