Brain on Fire movie review RR070

  RR070 Brain on Fire Friday Film Review Ried shares her thoughts on this biographical drama, gives kudos for sharing awareness, poo poos for lack of developing a good premise. It brought up some valid points on how sometimes medical illness can make people appear as though they have mental illness. Research and Links Brain on Fire movie review RR070

Give and Take

Lately I have had the sad reminder that many people are only interested in talking to you if it serves them. We had recently looked at how people only call when they want something—and that has become more apparent in the last few days. Certainly I am still feeling sour and am full of piss … More Give and Take

RR037 Podcast

RR037 Still a little congested and wonky in the head from the Rhino(virus) but Ried talks about how twins differ, how they come about and a little bit about twin studies as well as touching on epigenetics . She gives a fantastic (as in fantastical not really great) of how we all end up different … More RR037 Podcast