W.O.W. Hope

RR133 Word of the Week: Hope Did you know about all the biblical definitions and explanations for the word hope? Ried did not. In this week’s word of the week she goes over the usual Cambridge and Oxford English dictionary definitions for hope. But there is added commentary on the religious interpretations of the word … More W.O.W. Hope

Exhaustion Origins

RR125 Exhaustion. Why am I so stinkin’ tired?? Ried found it hard to get anything done more cooking split pea soup and sitting outside while it simmered. Why exactly do we end up feeling exhausted? Ried managed to do a little research on the subject and she talks about some reasons why we end up … More Exhaustion Origins

Troglodyte Rant RR089

RR089 Expletive warning: Shit, Whoop ass, dick, hell. Random Rant after research was completed on another subject. Ried ended up venting on this week’s podcast about some craigslist poster that must be sexist as well as a socially challenged dufus. She contacted someone about buying their dune buggy and he proceeded to be an asshat. … More Troglodyte Rant RR089