BCC vs. CC Episode RR095

RR095 Should you use the BCC option on your email? Ried discusses reasons for and against. She also touches very slightly on the GDPR but also has a very informative link below if you like to read and read and read some more. This came up because sometimes people and businesses will send out email … More BCC vs. CC Episode RR095


Reality Specialist

As you may know, I have been on the hunt for the perfect career for quite some time. Although I have held many jobs in my lifetime I have never really found the right mix of challenge, responsibility, culture and compensation. I realize now that I have gotten older that my dissatisfaction may be attributable … More Reality Specialist

RR031 Podcast Episode

Job Hunt Rules of Engagement~Transformers Last Knight review RR031 17.1211 Podcast mirrors life this week when Ried discusses Job Hunting Rules of Engagement and how to know if a prospective employer is asking questions that are in violation of the EEOC. They can be tricky so give a listen. Word of the Week: Conscientious (18:30) … More RR031 Podcast Episode

Stop Asking Me

As some of you may know I have been looking for gainful, challenging, enjoyable permanent work for quite some time. While at university my goal was mostly to find work that would allow me to keep my grades up and was flexible enough to allow for the change in class schedule each semester. Now that … More Stop Asking Me

Job Search Series Post #2: Morality vs. a Job

While looking at the want ads posted on indeed.com I came across a production assistant ad. I thought this might a peripheral complementary position to producing Ried Rants. In the ad it instructed interested applicants to look at that “sizzle reel.” Well me being the conscientious and thorough person that I am I started watching … More Job Search Series Post #2: Morality vs. a Job