W.O.W. Trepidation RR108

RR108 Word of the Week: Trepidation Ried looks at the definition for trepidation and although Cambridge and Oxford English dictionaries “basically” have the same definition the important difference is “may” vs. “going” …to happen. She gets a little excited and her errant thoughts may be a little more vocal in this episode but still here … More W.O.W. Trepidation RR108

W.O.W. Rubicon

Word of the Week: Rubicon RR105 18.1010 This word seems to have a little bit of an identity crisis. Is it a story of Julius Cesar? Is it a way to score in a card game? Is it an easy way to refer to crossing the line…what ever that line is…. Ried goes over the … More W.O.W. Rubicon

W.O.W. Peckish RR093

RR093 Word of the Week: Peckish (A little late due to doctors appointments today…BLAH.) Queen’s English is different from American English. Many words are different that us Floridians are used to e.g. loo vs. toilet/bathroom etc. Words are important. Nuance in words is important. Words can be quite specific and synonyms matter. Not only will … More W.O.W. Peckish RR093