RR038 Podcast Episode

RR038 Why repeating the same words will fail to clarify instructions, communication, or the like. How can you make people understand what you are saying? Just say it differently. Break it down and look from another vantage point. Word of the Week: Clarify (25:33) with bonus word pontificate. And the words analogy, simile, and metaphor … More RR038 Podcast Episode

RR037 Podcast

RR037 Still a little congested and wonky in the head from the Rhino(virus) but Ried talks about how twins differ, how they come about and a little bit about twin studies as well as touching on epigenetics . She gives a fantastic (as in fantastical not really great) of how we all end up different … More RR037 Podcast

RR034 Podcast

Damn it I neglected to enable downloads on the last podcast upload. My apologies. Working seven days a week is killing my cognitive function temporarily…. RR034 Is it really so bad if people call you when they want something? Are New Year’s Resolutions good for you? Are the effective? Why the Platinum Rule is better … More RR034 Podcast

RR033 Podcast

RR033 Sleep Deprivation; how it can kill you. 17.1225 contains the word/phrase “hellava” Commentary includes why we need sleep. Some of what happens while we sleep, a short list of oddball parasomnias and a few ideas on how to get better sleep. Word of the Week: Spurious (23:46) Rental Movie Review: This Beautiful Fantastic (27:09) … More RR033 Podcast

RR032 Podcast Episode

RR032 Shower Power Atomic Blonde movie review 17.1218 WARNING expletive “ass” and the word screwed Some of the reasons we feel different after taking a shower or a bath. Some info is hooey, some info is clinically proven…maybe with small sample sizes but still studied. Word of the week: synergy (13:51) Catharsis (17:59) PSA on … More RR032 Podcast Episode

RR031 Podcast Episode

Job Hunt Rules of Engagement~Transformers Last Knight review RR031 17.1211 Podcast mirrors life this week when Ried discusses Job Hunting Rules of Engagement and how to know if a prospective employer is asking questions that are in violation of the EEOC. They can be tricky so give a listen. Word of the Week: Conscientious (18:30) … More RR031 Podcast Episode