Humidity Friend or Foe? RR092

RR092 It’s the humidity not the heat. Many of us have heard this phrase. But is it true. Is all humidity bad. Could it even be good. Germs can grow at either extreme. Health concerns reside at each pole as well. Listen to what Ried had found out and will share with you. Also be … More Humidity Friend or Foe? RR092


RR030 Podcast

Migraine~Minutiae~Hitman’s Bodyguard movie review. RR030 17.1204 This week hits home a bit for Ried since she talks mainly about migraine headaches. Be warned there is a bit of sex talk; not really but there is a headache that is brought on by sex…. Word of the week is: Minutiae How Ried was a contestant on … More RR030 Podcast