W.O.W. Rubicon

Word of the Week: Rubicon RR105 18.1010 This word seems to have a little bit of an identity crisis. Is it a story of Julius Cesar? Is it a way to score in a card game? Is it an easy way to refer to crossing the line…what ever that line is…. Ried goes over the … More W.O.W. Rubicon

Try Listening RR098

RR098 Try Listening (to others). WARNING Expletives (sort of): Pissed Off, Hellfire. Free wheeling unscripted rants on how others, especially heath care providers, don’t listen because of bias or preconceived notions. Ried talks a little about how in conversation when someone has a preconceived idea or bias it can color how (or if they listen … More Try Listening RR098

Troglodyte Rant RR089

RR089 Expletive warning: Shit, Whoop ass, dick, hell. Random Rant after research was completed on another subject. Ried ended up venting on this week’s podcast about some craigslist poster that must be sexist as well as a socially challenged dufus. She contacted someone about buying their dune buggy and he proceeded to be an asshat. … More Troglodyte Rant RR089

It’s Just Water

It’s just water, or is it? I was grocery shopping the other day. And I ventured into the water isle—something I almost never do. I was on a mission. A mission to find an alkaline infused water. But not for the reason you may think. I have not been misled to believe that we as … More It’s Just Water