Becoming an Overnight Success

RR155 Becoming an Overnight Success You might hear about this. You might think it is something that actually happens. Success is more than luck. Hear a few examples of people who have made and some believed them to be overnight successes. Like, share, comment, subscribe: Home on the web @RiedRants on Instagram and Twitter … More Becoming an Overnight Success


W.O.W. Inundate

RR148 Word of the Week: Inundate…a little late but that is why I chose this word. Too much? Drowning? You may be inundated. That was me last week and we will go over what Cambridge, Oxford and even Urban dictionaries have to say about the definition of the work inundate. Like, share, comment, subscribe: Home … More W.O.W. Inundate

IO Film Review

RR146 Friday Film Review: IO, the Netflix original movie Expletive WARNING: damnedest and ass You may have heard of sleeper films; well, plenty of reviewers of this flick thought it would put you to sleep. I agree the premise was a good one but I found it predictable, slow and a bit boring. Yes, I … More IO Film Review

Christmas Chronicles film review

WARNING SPOILERS…and the word “sucks”RR127 Film Review Friday: Christmas ChroniclesRied spent turkey day at home unexpectedly and decided to make the best of it by watching a new Christmas movie. There were loves, less than loves, interesting concepts and unreconciled issues Ried had with this movie. Find out what she thought was great and what … More Christmas Chronicles film review